Thursday, July 31, 2014

GOD won’t mind

1 Chronicles 13:They moved the ark of God from Abinadab’s house on a new cart, with Uzzah and Ahio guiding it. David and all the Israelites were celebrating with all their might before God, with songs and with harps, lyres, timbrels, cymbals and trumpets.

When they came to the threshing floor of Kidon, Uzzah reached out his hand to steady the ark, because the oxen stumbled. 10 The Lord’s anger burned against Uzzah, and he struck him down because he had put his hand on the ark. So he died there before God.

11 Then David was angry because the Lord’s wrath had broken out against Uzzah, and to this day that place is called Perez Uzzah.


Heart beating nervousness and clumsiness was my first “encounter” with the opposite sex. I heard it was wrong to do this before marriage, but “is it really bad?” I thought to myself. Afterwards I checked myself and I seemed to be fine. No lightning from heaven nor did the earth split open to swallow me.

I guess “GOD didn’t mind” what I did. I soon dropped off more and more of these “so called” rules and found myself never mentioning anything about GOD, that is until stuff started to go wrong in my life.

  • Sin blinds me to the truth.
  • Sin causes me to drift further and further from GOD.
  • Sin sounds logical and has a little truth mixed in which makes it seem like the right thing to do.

When I woke up from my journey, my world was a mess. I felt that GOD wouldn’t help me because I wasn’t acting like I was part of HIS family. I had problems and I felt I was at my lowest low at the time. I felt GOD was punishing me for a pile of sins so I questioned “Why are YOU so full of wrath?” as if to say “GOD, YOU are too harsh.” But maturity says something different.

  • GOD wants me to see HIM as supreme which means HE has the power and the right to allow difficulties in my life.
  • GOD wants me to see HIM as pure and HE despises manipulation, sin and self-righteousness.
  • GOD wants me to take HIS wrath seriously because “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.”

Yes GOD is love, but HE is wrath too. HE enabled only one way for me to avoid HIS eternal wrath and that is belief that HIS SON volunteered to take the consequences I deserve and place it on HIMSELF. HIS love is so great that HE died for me.

  • Do you think “GOD won’t mind” what you are doing?
  • Are you drifting further and further from GOD?
  • Do you think that maybe if you don’t know about HIS ways then you won’t face consequence?
  • Can you look at GOD as Holy and learn more about how HE wants you to act?
  • Can you believe that no matter how far you have fallen, GOD forgives you?

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

True Power

1 Chronicles 11:And David became more and more powerful, because the Lord Almighty was with him.


Frustrated after years of being passed over, I moved on to another company. When I arrived me and another guy received the highest scores on the internal testing and we were soon quite known in the “freshmen” crop of the company. One of the partners picked me to work with him on an assignment. Wow, I’m getting the power I wanted and I did it all by myself!

Thinking more highly of myself messed me up. Yes I understood the material but had no examples or information to back up my knowledge. I crashed and burned!

This kind of thing happened over and over throughout my career.  I would think more highly of myself and felt I “deserved” a raise of promotion because “I” was too valuable to the company. GOD says different.

  • GOD says “Do not think more highly of yourself.”
  • GOD says “Worship the LORD as your one and only GOD.”
  • GOD says “No one can stand against you with MY strength.”

I had to realize that it is GOD who raised me to the heights I was at. It wasn’t my knowledge or quick thinking or self-promotion that got me to where I was, nor was it an eggshell that I stepped on to take me to lows in my life.

GOD cannot be controlled by my acts of faith nor does HE react to every sin I commit, otherwise I could manage GOD to get HIM to do my bidding. GOD wants me to understand HIS vast and marvelous power.

He is supreme which means even when I am doing everything right, HE can tear me down and put me on another course of HIS choosing. HE can also build me up even when I don’t believe in myself or HIS power enough to do HIS plan.

GOD is amazing and unpredictable. HE wants me to rely on HIS power to accomplish HIS plan for me.

  • Are you complaining about where you are working?
  • Do you think more highly of yourself?
  • Do you feel you “deserve” a raise?
  • Can you pay attention to where GOD has you and be content?

Monday, July 28, 2014

You just never know

1 Chronicles 10: 13 Saul died because he was unfaithful to the Lord; he did not keep the word of the Lord and even consulted a medium for guidance, 14 and did not inquire of the Lord. So the Lord put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David son of Jesse.


Another mediocre review left me wondering if I would ever advance. It seemed like a mystery I just could not solve. It also seemed like the oppressors had a few of their buddies in mind to keep them in power. I decided to do my work for the LORD instead of working for these guys.

Years passed and it seemed like nothing changed, but one day I was called into the office and they asked me if I would take on more responsibility. I said yes and that led to other promotions. Soon I was over the department where I felt oppression. It wasn’t by my effort.

  • Sometimes barriers seem immovable.
  • Sometimes difficult people are placed in my path.
  • Sometimes I think I have to be the one who works hard to get to where I want to be.

Looking back I see times where I wanted something so bad I could just taste it. That’s when I would buckle down and work harder only to be disappointed and knocked to the ground. I left no room for GOD to say “Yes” or “No”, in fact I wouldn’t consult HIM at all. BUT GOD wants something different from me.

  • GOD wants me to have desires but let HIM steer the outcome.
  • GOD wants me to have dreams but point my dreams to HIS kingdom.
  • GOD wants me to have wishes but include HIM on all phases of accomplishment.

It is GOD who raises me to heights I never knew existed. HE has placed me in front of the kings of this world and opened my eyes to understand JESUS is the KING of kings. When I let go of my desires and allow GOD to steer the outcome, I end up in a much better place. HE grows huge fruit in my life and I am filled with gratitude.

  • Are you feeling oppressed?
  • Do you feel held back?
  • Can you allow GOD to deal with “that” person?
  • Can you dream a good dream and allow GOD to handle how the dream comes to fruition?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Missions Trip Experience (Las Vegas 2014)

Years ago I promised the LORD I would go on a mission’s trip. What is a mission’s trip? Well the ones I went on before were with various churches, each had there own definition. Some built libraries while others worked on homes. Sometimes the mission had a tiny taste of spreading the Gospel of CHRIST, but on each, GOD made me open my mouth and talk about HIS SON.

This was my mission’s year. I promised to go every other year but this time I felt the LORD calling me in a different direction. My son had just won an academic competition and the finals were in Las Vegas. “I thought; why not leverage this trip as a mission.” The SPIRIT inside me leaped. I called a church who we knew and the report was dismal. “People are too cynical to receive the Gospel in a short term way” he told me.

He sent me a list of places to volunteer. I felt rather lost. I didn’t know what my mission was. I turned off the TV the day before my long drive to Las Vegas and prayed. “LORD how can I serve you for a change?”  I went to bed.

I called the rental company and realized I had not received a confirmation on my reservation. I had no van and I had seven or eight student’s projects for the Academic Olympics. I felt at peace when the thought came over me “drive your own van." It’s leased and adding 4000 miles wasn’t a thrill but I felt at peace.

Playing music was my way to get myself in the mindset of the mission, whatever that was. I felt troubled when I saw a four car pileup on the toll way near my house. I said a small prayer for the people as I saw airbags deployed on a couple of the cars. I called my sister for prayer. She asked, “What would you like me to pray for?” I couldn’t answer.

She then proceeded to pray for protection, but was led to say “MY yoke is easy and MY burden is light.” She repeated this several times and ended with “the trip is the mission.” She didn’t even know where that came from although we both knew GOD gave her these words. Minutes later I saw a lone grayish sheep with a black head in field. We both thought that was very odd. (I read Matthew Chapter 11 to understand further.)

John was the greatest human and lived as the homeless.
Chorazin was worse than Sodom or Las Vegas which gave me hope that someone would believe in CHRIST.
GOD said "I will send my messenger ahead of you, HE will prepare a way."

(I was absolutey amazed at this reference! It was probably more for me than anyone else.)

Hungry, I stopped to eat. The Country Kitchen diner was my choice. One waitress was pregnant and the other had a broken arm. Both were working very hard in the middle of Iowa. I was prompted to leave a large tip and a note for the waitress with a prayer for her and her baby’s health and to tell her GOD loves her so much that HE gave HIS SON to her.

I drove until it was late and on the road I saw a glowing cross of a church before I turned in.

I woke up in my Colorado motel and Melody was cleaning the lobby, breakfast area and working behind the desk. She told me her back was giving her problems because being over 65, gardening takes toll on the body. The LORD prompted me to write her a note with a prayer for her health and blessings from HIM.

I arrived at my hotel the next day and decided to take the advice given to me by the local pastor and volunteer. I called the number and left messages and decided to show up at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission. Kevin met me at the front desk. He was very cautious and had me fill out the application online. I remained prayerful until the Volunteer Staff Coordinator showed up.

Normally the process takes time as they have to do a background and reference check. I prayed “Is this where YOU want me to serve?” I had time so I talked with Kevin. He talked about his addiction story and how he had served time. He then asked for prayer for pain. He had been in a coma and was thankful to be alive.

(Staff – Shannon and Jennifer)
I met Shannon and she told me I could work there that day. I felt relieved as she assigned me to the thrift store. Finally some structure. I don’t know why I needed structure, but I just did. She introduced me to Jennifer who immediately asked me to pray with Candace who just joined the program and is fighting drugs and mental stability.

I also prayed with Roshawnia (Pronounced Roshawna) who struggled with anger.

Anthony came in later and worked with me straightening up the men’s clothing. He told me of his years of addiction and once even prayed to be put in jail. With four kids by four women at almost 60 he has a three year old and is trying to make it as a single parent. Numerous jail and prison terms, he praises GOD for his salvation and is clean for three years and is a mentor.

(Staff – Marcus)
After eating lunch with those in the program, I met Marcus. He told me that sometimes casinos donate food and on Mondays the airlines. After my day was over at the Thrift Store, Marcus asked me if I was going to stay to serve the homeless. “Of course” I said and I followed the humble giant to the kitchen.

He greeted everyone and prayed over the volunteers and everyone was excited to serve. They asked me to pray when the homeless arrived. This was certainly a day of prayer! I counted 33 tables each with two or three pitchers. We probably went through two or three hundred gallons of water that evening as nearly five hundred people poured through the doors.

I learned not to abhor Las Vegas and not to write it off as Sodom. There are some people there who have hit rock bottom and GOD enabled my eyes to be opened and look beyond the false lights of the strip. Many people serve HIM in this town.

On my way back I admired GOD’s mountains and scenery. I stopped at my last diner and talked with the staff. I was prompted again to leave a note, this time with a prayer of health and wealth. I made it home without incident as many prayed. My unstructured mission will be memorable.

Please pray for all who are mentioned in this report.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trust because the battle is not mine

1 Chronicles 5: 20 They were helped in fighting them, and God delivered the Hagrites and all their allies into their hands, because they cried out to him during the battle. He answered their prayers, because they trusted in him. 

21 They seized the livestock of the Hagrites—fifty thousand camels, two hundred fifty thousand sheep and two thousand donkeys. They also took one hundred thousand people captive, 22 and many others fell slain, because the battle was God’s. And they occupied the land until the exile.


Looking in the engine, I had no clue what I was searching for. The car wouldn’t start, that was the bottom line. I sat and wondered, “Would I ever get out of THIS circumstance?” As my friend turned the ignition, I heard a rumble in the engine that gave me hope. Suddenly a plastic part blew off of the engine and hit me in the face cutting my eyebrow. This situation seemed hopeless.

  • Sometimes when things go wrong, I feel like giving up.
  • Sometimes when things look bleak, I feel like sitting in a corner and giving up.
  • Sometimes when things aren’t going so well, I feel like throwing up my hands and giving up.

As I got up off the ground I collected myself and looked in the engine once more. I replaced the loose part and begged GOD for some help even though I wasn’t really following HIM. My old car started and I was able to get my friend home and get myself bandaged up. The car seemed to work fine.

  • GOD will listen when I cry out to HIM.
  • GOD will help when I trust HIS plan and HIS promises.
  • GOD will help when I believe He has ALL the power and I have none.

What I noticed is “They cried out”, “They trusted”, and “They reaped benefit of GOD fighting the battle.” Their hands still had to be in the fight and they could not give up, but against all odds they won because GOD was on their side. I now add “Prayer” and “Trust” to my faith.

  • Are you in the middle of a battle?
  • Do you think the battle is yours?
  • Can you cry out to GOD and remain fighting?
  • Will you add “trust” to your faith so GOD will answer your prayers?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ask with sincerity

1 Chronicles 4: 10 Jabez cried out to the God of Israel, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory! Let your hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I will be free from pain.” And God granted his request.


Getting more stuff seems like such a greedy prayer to me, so I had to look at this prayer again and ponder it. Many people have told me “You have not because you ask not.” Others say “Just name it and claim it.” BUT GOD wants me to focus on HIM.

  • GOD was pleased when Solomon asked for wisdom.
  • GOD was please when Moses asked for direction.
  • GOD was pleased when the widow asked for her son to be brought back to life.

I have to ask myself “Why do I need more of what I’m asking for?” What will I do when I have an excess of whatever I get? I had a frank conversation with GOD to see if I could handle more money and the answer was “No” at the time.

I had a lot of it so I spent an exorbitant amount of time trying to protect it. In fact when someone asked for it I would quickly assess whether they “deserved” it or would they squander it on something pitiful.  My generosity diminished as fewer and fewer would meet my measure. BUT GOD wants something different.

  • GOD wants me to be generous before I am wealthy so I can handle it when I am.
  • GOD wants me to let HIM discern how someone will spend any money I give away.
  • GOD wants me to be generous to those HE sends me and remove my worries about where money will come from.

When money is the focus of the prayer I am blinded to the greatness of GOD, but when GOD is the focus of prayer my eyes are opened to HIS power and wealth. HE is the one who gives in abundance as long as my motives are focused on HIM and my faith is not dependent on cash.

  • Are you praying for more money?
  • Have you ever wondered why you this prayer has not been answered?
  • If you are praying for a larger title or more money, how will this benefit GOD’s kingdom?
  • If you know how more stuff will benefit the kingdom can you start acting like it without the title or the cash?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

GOD delivers the right person at the right time

2 Kings 25: 27 In the thirty-seventh year of the exile of Jehoiachin king of Judah, in the year Awel-Marduk became king of Babylon, he released Jehoiachin king of Judah from prison. He did this on the twenty-seventh day of the twelfth month. 28 He spoke kindly to him and gave him a seat of honor higher than those of the other kings who were with him in Babylon. 29 So Jehoiachin put aside his prison clothes and for the rest of his life ate regularly at the king’s table. 30 Day by day the king gave Jehoiachin a regular allowance as long as he lived.


My first job had one amazing person who took me under his wing and decided to train me instead of firing me. But after him I had a string of bosses who were reckless with their people. One would yell at people in public! “Is this what work is about?” I thought to myself.  

When the position was moved over to another division I sat at my desk thinking, “here we go again. I wonder how horrible this boss will be?” One year after that thought I received the highest award in the company because he went out on a limb for me. He restored my faith that there are some good people out there.

  • Just when I think all is lost GOD delivers the right person.
  • Just when I think I have to remain in a pitiful situation GOD delivers the right person.
  • Just when I think my situation couldn’t better GOD delivers the right person.

Walking into an elevator, a person smiled at me when I was having a bad day. When I was a kid, GOD delivered people into my life who’s words ring in my mind saying “I can do it.” These strangers seem to come from nowhere but they always had a word of encouragement.

  • Can you be the right person for someone?
  • Can you encourage someone today?
  • Won’t you take time to praise GOD and build someone up today?