Thursday, January 29, 2015

Who can Understand?

Job 26: 14 And these are but the outer fringe of his works;
    how faint the whisper we hear of him!
    Who then can understand the thunder of his power?”


GOD is the most high and I am made for HIM. HE created the universe and placed it in the palm of HIS hands. But sometimes I don’t think HE can rescue me from the clutches of my situation. If HE doesn’t do “my” plan exactly to the letter then HE must be punishing me or has run off doing some ultra powerful thing and has forgotten me.

  • GOD says to me “MY eye is on the sparrow, how much more will I take care of you?”
  • GOD says to me “I know the number of hair on your head so I am concerned with every aspect of your life.”
  • GOD says to me “I AM the one who leads you besides still waters to bring you peace.”

Every footstep, every heartbeat, every breath, GOD is concerned about. HE looks at me when I sleep and has already thought ahead “What great things can I bring to life today?” Even the things I see as disastrous, GOD has a great and marvelous plan for me.

  • Are you excited about GOD’s plan for you today?
  • Can you feel the excitement GOD has for you?
  • Will you offer praise to HIM today for thinking so highly of you?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taking Time to Ponder

Job 25:“Dominion and awe belong to God;
    he establishes order in the heights of heaven.
Can his forces be numbered?
    On whom does his light not rise?


Sitting on my couch “worried” I wondered if I passed my final exam. Sitting in my apartment “worried” I wondered if I got the job. Sitting in my apartment “worried” I wondered if I got another job to move back. Sitting in my house “worried” I wondered if I could ever please this boss or the next one or those to follow.  Wow, I spent a lot of time worrying!

  • Worrying takes me away from peace.
  • Worrying distracts me so much that I cannot see blessings.
  • Worrying puts me in a ball and I cannot move forward on anything.

It’s quite amazing how distracting worry is. I mean when I try to stop worrying. I worry that I’m worrying too much! What should I do?

  • GOD said “Do not worry, do not be afraid.”
  • GOD said “I will be with you always.”
  • GOD said “Tell them I AM.”

I had to quiet my mind from all the worry and look at who GOD is. As I stared out the window I saw a deer slowly tromp into my yard, then another, then another. Soon several deer were standing there; one began kicking up the snow and sat down. I kept looking and seven or eight were sitting. I was amazed at the sight. Then I realized, if I could just slow down and look I could see GOD every day.

Slowing down helps me see and hear GOD. HE shows HIMSELF to me daily.

  • Are you looking for GOD?
  • Do you think HE is far away from you right now?
  • Can you look around and see HIM where you are right now?
  • Can you ponder the intricacies of how HE made you and your surroundings and the heavens above?
  • Won’t you add “awe” back into your relationship with GOD?

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Focus on GOD

Job 24: 23 He may let them rest in a feeling of security,
    but his eyes are on their ways.


Jealous is never a good thing. I mean when I look at what someone else is doing or not doing I compare myself to them. Since I’m the judge I always win my personality contest. I say “Look at what they are doing” to GOD and it seems like they are getting away with murder, literally.

  • GOD says to me “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”
  • GOD says to me “Pray for your enemies.”
  • GOD says to me “Have mercy on the merciless.”

I pondered these qualities and realized that’s the way GOD treats me. HE is merciful on me in spite of me. HE holds back HIS wrath and showers me with love. HE turns my jealous into prayer.

  • Are you jealous of the reckless?
  • Do you think “that” person is getting away with everything and you are getting beat up?
  • Can you turn you jealousy into a prayer?
  • Will you show mercy on those who don’t deserve it?

Monday, January 26, 2015

Refining Process

Job 23:When he is at work in the north, I do not see him;
    when he turns to the south, I catch no glimpse of him.
10 But he knows the way that I take;
    when he has tested me, I will come forth as gold.


Even when I don’t see GOD, HE is at work. I mean sometimes I can clearly see HIS hand on me. Like that time when I slid in front of the bus just before it began moving and it stopped. Or the time when I hit a huge puddle of water and the car spun sideways on the expressway and no one hit me. But what about the times I don’t see HIM?

  • Sometimes I can’t see what GOD is doing in my life.
  • Sometimes I wonder if GOD is even there.
  • Sometimes I think GOD has moved on and is helping someone else who has more needs.

When I pray and don’t get my wish in minutes I cry like a baby, but what if I have been praying for years? I mean certainly GOD has ears doesn’t HE? What if HE told me to do something and that something seems endless?

  • GOD says to me “I will fortify your steps.”
  • GOD says to me “Keep going for I am with you.”
  • GOD says to me “Pray without ceasing and I will make you strong.”

My strength comes from GOD not the item I yearn for. HE walks with me day by day, step by step. HE is loving as HE tests me with fire and refines me to shine like gold. HE is the one who I can trust.

  • Are you going through the fire?
  • Have you been waiting for years for deliverance?
  • Can you take off your blinders and recognize what GOD “IS” doing in your life?
  • Will you tell someone about GOD today?

Friday, January 23, 2015

GOD will Deliver

Job 22: 26 Surely then you will find delight in the Almighty
    and will lift up your face to God.
27 You will pray to him, and he will hear you,
    and you will fulfill your vows.
28 What you decide on will be done,
    and light will shine on your ways.
29 When people are brought low and you say, ‘Lift them up!’
    then he will save the downcast.
30 He will deliver even one who is not innocent,
    who will be delivered through the cleanness of your hands.”


Whatever I have faced, GOD has been there to pick me up. When things were stolen from me, GOD was there to repair my meager stuff. When I was kicked out, GOD was there to pick me up and handle my brokenness. When I was slandered, threatened, harassed and mislead, GOD was there to pick up my broken pieces.

GOD hears. GOD loves. GOD is.

  • Are you ready for GOD’s blessings?
  • Do you truly believe HE has a great and wonderful plan for you?
  • Can you act like HE is going to deliver you by being prepared?
  • If you do not know what HIS plan is for you then won’t you ask HIM today?

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Looking at Greener Grass

Job 21: 13 They spend their years in prosperity
    and go down to the grave in peace.
14 Yet they say to God, ‘Leave us alone!
    We have no desire to know your ways.
15 Who is the Almighty, that we should serve him?

    What would we gain by praying to him?’
16 But their prosperity is not in their own hands,
    so I stand aloof from the plans of the wicked.


When I thought of the letter “H” I pursued Humility. I did the right things and lead a somewhat peaceful life. But it always seemed as if someone around me, who was reckless in their abandon, would always do better. I mean it seemed like the drug dealers would always have more money. I at least rationalized that they would be shot soon so I carried on.

Later it was peers at work who seemed to get better raises and bigger offices. Then I read the news when I was struggling in my payments and see some star who would buy frivolous items and not once look at GOD. I realized the “H” I found was Hater.

  • Sometimes I look at the wealthy and get mad at GOD for allowing them to have it easy.
  • Sometimes I look at the wealthy like they are getting everything they want without praying.
  • Sometimes I look at the wealthy as a destination rather than a mirage.

I must admit it is hard to say to the poor, “Hang in there and remain poor” because it’s no fun being poor. Meanwhile those who never have a thought about GOD, not even once on a daily basis, seem to go unscathed. Is this fair? GOD thinks so.

  • Wealth is fine BUT GOD knows my tipping point where wealth would blind me from HIM.
  • Money is fine BUT GOD says to me “The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.”
  • Prosperity is fine BUT GOD understands that the only way for me to truly be prosperous is to be generous without being jealous.

GOD wants me to look at the news and say “Good for them” when it comes to the wealthy who waste. HE actually wants me to look at my own actions to see if I am being generous and not jealous. If I can give and not look at greener grass then I am pleasing GOD for I am giving a sacrifice to the MOST HIGH.

  • Are you jealous of the wealthy?
  • Do you pout at your financial circumstance?
  • Can you praise GOD sacrificially today?
  • Can you stop looking at other people for a moment and give to someone even when you don’t have much?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Being Defensive

Job 20:“My troubled thoughts prompt me to answer
    because I am greatly disturbed.
I hear a rebuke that dishonors me,
    and my understanding inspires me to reply.


Evaluation time was here again and I sat across from my boss feeling like a child. Inside my head my eyes were rolling because the words were not flattering. When I had enough, I spoke up. My boss said something profound. “Don’t be defensive, take these words and exceed.”

  • Sometimes I don’t like it when I’m criticized.
  • Sometimes I don’t like it when my flaws are pointed out.
  • Sometimes I don’t like it when I’m told to improve.

I’m alright just the way I am, aren’t I? Well, maybe. One flaw of Job’s friend Zophar is that he was blaming Job for Jobs’ calamity. While he was well meaning, he was trying to get Job to admit to guilt that Job did not possess. Zophar could not improve and considered Jobs’ rebuke as an insult. I feel the same way at times. I mean who wants to be told “Your face, hair, body, personality, decisions and actions are all wrong?” GOD told me to listen to my boss.

  • GOD says to me “Be slow to anger.”
  • GOD says to me “Listen to wise counsel.”
  • GOD says to me “Vengeance is mine, I will repay.”

I don’t mean stay around an abuser of power, but what I am saying is “work for GOD not for humans.” When I work for GOD then I try harder to please HIM rather than pleasing mankind. My actions may seem strange but my heart will be right. When I hear a criticism, I can then way it against what GOD says and if there is truth to the statement, be willing to change.

After I made internal changes and asked others what I could improve, I got promoted three times. Pride blinds, GOD opens my eyes and HE opens doors.

  • Are you mad at your evaluation?
  • Is someone being critical of you in a healthy way?
  • Do you believe you cannot be criticized?
  • Will you drop your defenses and listen to see if GOD is trying to reach you?

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I know what I know

Job 19: 25 I know that my redeemer lives,
    and that in the end he will stand on the earth.


I used to marvel at eloquent speakers. It seemed like words would flow from their lips so smoothly that any audience would be mesmerized. As I stood in front of my first audience in a speech class I could feel the audience slip away. What was in my mind wasn’t coming out of my mouth, well not as I wanted it to.

When I was challenged by a pastor to go out and tell people about CHRIST, I said “I don’t know the Bible and I am not a good speaker.” He said “What’s that got to do with it?”

  • Sometimes I think I have to be someone else in order to be used by GOD.
  • Sometimes I think I have to know it all and be polished in order to be used by GOD.
  • Sometimes I think I have to do something very different in order to please GOD.

Quite honestly I think GOD is crazy. I mean HE couldn’t have meant to create the person I am. HE couldn’t have meant for me to have gone through life the way I did. HE couldn’t have meant for me to make mistakes on a minute by minute basis, right? Well…

  • GOD made me for HIS purpose and it’s up to me to realize what that purpose is.
  • GOD made me and said “Beautiful and wonderful” and it’s up to me to accept HIS glorious creativity in my person.
  • GOD made me and knows my circumstances, situations and desires so it’s up to me to grab ahold of HIS ways and follow HIM until the end.

I’m not saying I am going to give up seeking GODLY perfection rather I will lighten up on myself which in turn may help me lighten up on others. I will now go out and teach about CHRIST without thinking I have to be perfect or have the right words all the time. In fact GOD said “I will give you the right words at the right time.” I may not know much, but I know what I know and GOD is pleased with it.

  • Do you feel inadequate when it comes to your relationship with GOD?
  • Are you focused on what someone else is doing rather than thanking HIM for HIS relationship with you?
  • Can you praise HIM for making you the way HE made you?
  • Will you ask HIM to share HIS purpose for you today?

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Getting Stronger

Job 16:Nevertheless, the righteous will hold to their ways,
    and those with clean hands will grow stronger.


Sitting in the corner with my head down was how I felt many times. I mean life can deal out some vicious blows. My car was totaled at the time and work was not only clear across campus but I lived an additional half mile from the edge.  I had no money so I had to go to work. Then one day it rained. “Don’t go” popped in my mind. I wonder if I should have lied and called in sick.

  • Sometimes I get tempted to cut corners.
  • Sometimes I feel like doing things that are comfortable.
  • Sometimes I lean towards little white lies that protect my way.

I took a deep breath and walked to work and found it wasn’t so bad. I found ways to get to work through buildings that would keep me semi dry and I could make it on time. Soon I enjoyed walking and I became stronger in my convictions about going to work. My boss saw that I was on time each day so he commended me.

  • When I think no one is watching GOD is watching.
  • When I think no one cares GOD cares.
  • When I think no one is in my corner GOD holds me tight and no one can pluck me out of HIS hand.

GOD knows I will face adverse times, yet HE holds onto me tightly and with a loving grip. HE wants me to mature and face battles instead of running away and hiding. HE knows my weaknesses and has me doing exercises daily to strengthen areas in my life that aren’t so good. HE knows exactly what to take me through to make me stronger.

  • Are you going through something?
  • Does it all seem to be falling apart?
  • Can you put your trust in GOD and depend on HIM?
  • Will you lift your head up, get up and raise up your arms to praise GOD today?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Choose what to say

Job:16:I also could speak like you,
    if you were in my place;
I could make fine speeches against you
    and shake my head at you.
But my mouth would encourage you;
    comfort from my lips would bring you relief.


No wonder GOD says “Be slow to anger” because when I am angry at someone I find it very hard to provide words of comfort. “Serves you right” comes out of my mouth instead of “Things will be fine.” BUT GOD says do something different.

  • GOD says to me “Show mercy to others as I have shown mercy to you.”
  • GOD says to me “Pray for your enemies for I will repay.”
  • GOD says to me “Love your neighbors as you love yourself.

He would rather have me focus on what is right rather than what is wrong. HE wants my words to be full of encouragement rather than poison. Blessings should me my words of comfort.

  • Are you complaining about someone?
  • How many of your words contain poison on a daily basis?
  • Can you make the choice to say encouraging words to someone today?
  • Will you ask GOD for the right words to say?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Job 15: 11 Are God’s consolations not enough for you,
    words spoken gently to you?
12 Why has your heart carried you away,
    and why do your eyes flash,
13 so that you vent your rage against God
    and pour out such words from your mouth?


Listening to GOD can be difficult sometimes. I mean HE is invisible and inaudible right? Wrong! GOD is extremely visible and is in front of me right now. HE made everything with HIS power and speaks to me daily. I may not want to hear what HE has to say and that’s why I need grace.

  • GOD says “Give to that person” and it’s up to me to respond the way HE wants me to.
  • GOD says “Forgive that person” and it’s up to me to respond the way HE has forgiven me.
  • GOD says “Pray for that person” and it’s up to me to respond the way HE showed me by the example of praying for those who killed HIM.

When I vent my anger at GOD, I’m telling HIM HE isn’t doing a good job and I know better. My frustration leads to a complaint rather than praise. GOD wants me to see HIM the way HE shows me. HE says just look around and you will see ME. Seek and I will find.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Glad to Be Alive!

Job 16: 14 If someone dies, will they live again?
    All the days of my hard service
    I will wait for my renewal to come.
15 You will call and I will answer you;
    you will long for the creature your hands have made.
16 Surely then you will count my steps
    but not keep track of my sin.
17 My offenses will be sealed up in a bag;
    you will cover over my sin.


God has given me a purpose and while I am alive I should fulfill it. HE created me for HIS purpose and though people around me may not understand what that purpose is, HE knows. Humans see the outside. They let the weather determine their mood and the climate determine their level of fear.

BUT GOD wants me to understand HE looks at the inside. HE is so excited about me in spite of me. HE is aware of every sin I have committed and has sealed them up in a bag. He has covered my sin and I am truly grateful!

  • Are you glad to be alive?
  • Do you have a purpose?
  • Are you ready to praise GOD today?
  • Can you look to HIM for forgiveness?
  • Are you ready to serve HIM by serving someone today?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Comfort Versus Calamity

Job 13: 15 Though he slay me, yet will I hope in him;
    I will surely defend my ways to his face.
16 Indeed, this will turn out for my deliverance,
    for no godless person would dare come before him!


Shivering got on my nerves. The apartment we lived in was drafty and ice formed on the windows inside. I couldn’t stand to be cold for a moment so I went to the hardware store and purchased some plastic to tape around the sill. Now my apartment was toasty.

Later that week I went to church and realized I could make the church building comfortable too. I mean we needed to have a place of warmth and we were doing this for GOD right? Hmm.

  • Sometimes my church efforts are for my comfort rather than HIS purpose.
  • Sometimes my church effort is focused on belonging rather than serving.
  • Sometimes my church efforts are for aesthetics rather than from the heart.

I’m not saying the church building had to be a shack but did I have to build a club? Soon my entire focus was on making the “members” comfortable. My prayers were on raising money for the building and my outreach efforts soon turned into contractor bids. Then it happened.

The church fell apart because of misappropriation of funds and we faced calamity anyway. This calamity caught me off guard. I mean weren’t we serving GOD? Looking back I can see some things I could have done differently.

  • When it comes to GOD I must give in to HIS decisions whether they have calamity or comfort in them.
  • When it comes to GOD I must seek HIS kingdom first before I seek my comfort.
  • When it comes to GOD I must ask HIM for permission and be willing to accept “No” or “Wait” for an answer.

Of course I need to pray expectantly, that’s where faith comes in. But I must also pray knowing I don’t have the full picture and GOD has the right to make changes as HE sees fit. This could mean a mix of calamity with comfort. GOD is supreme and I praise HIM for it.

  • Are you fighting for your comfort?
  • Do you think you deserve only comfort?
  • Could you accept the calling of calamity if GOD allowed it in your life?
  • Will you praise GOD through any problem you are facing right now?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Limits on the Unlimited

Job 11: 13 “To God belong wisdom and power;
    counsel and understanding are his.
14 What he tears down cannot be rebuilt;
    those he imprisons cannot be released.
15 If he holds back the waters, there is drought;
    if he lets them loose, they devastate the land.
16 To him belong strength and insight;
    both deceived and deceiver are his.


Job was in a “woe is me” state and rightfully so.  I have gone through this many times in my life, but looking back I wasn’t really going through much.

  • When I think the world is falling down around me, it truly is.
  • When I think everyone is against me, they really are.
  • When I think I can’t do something, I really can’t do it.

Limits are what holds me back. When I see something huge as a barrier in my mind, then suddenly I put limits on GOD. I say what HE can and can’t do then I rationalize my sinful state into the equation. I say “Maybe I’m too sinful to reach my goal” which is a statement saying GOD’s grace isn’t sufficient enough.

  • GOD wants me to believe HE has limitless power.
  • GOD wants me to believe HE has limitless resources.
  • GOD wants me to believe HE has limitless knowledge.

When I get into a down state like Job, I have to think differently. I have to look at what GOD can do versus what my deceitful eyes can see. GOD wants me to believe HE has no limitations and HE can do the impossible.

  • Are you feeling down?
  • Do you think you are on your last leg?
  • Can you stop thinking GOD is so small that HE won’t help you?
  • Will you start believing in HIM and let HIM do HIS thing?

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Comfortable with Knowledge

Job 11:“Can you fathom the mysteries of God?
    Can you probe the limits of the Almighty?
They are higher than the heavens above—what can you do?
    They are deeper than the depths below—what can you know?
Their measure is longer than the earth
    and wider than the sea.


After I finished counting the offering, I added the amounts into the books. I didn’t really hear the sermon because I was busy. “GOD will understand” I thought to myself. I mean, I’m in a church, working so HE should understand I’m too busy for prayer and listening. I’m saved so I don’t really have to pursue GOD anymore, right?

  • Sometimes I get comfortable with my salvation.
  • Sometimes I think “GOD won’t mind” when I neglect talking to HIM or praying to HIM.
  • Sometimes I am too busy for GOD.

I was so busy in the church that I had no time for GOD. I mean I had books to keep, reports to get out and stuff to do. I was also the head of the Trustees, so I had a lot on my plate. GOD will understand if I miss a few sermons and miss praying for people and miss serving people directly right? I mean I’m serving them indirectly so doesn’t that count?

  • GOD loves everything I do for HIM, but sometimes I need to slow down to listen to HIM.
  • GOD loves everything I do for HIM, but HE is not achievement based rather relationship based.
  • GOD loves everything I do for HIM, but HE does not want me building up a pile of works so I can bargain with HIM later trying to get out of my sin.

GOD knows I would probably come to HIM and say “See… I did XYZ, so YOU should forgive me for 123” but that’s not how HE works. The fact of the matter is, I don’t truly know how HE works and I should not be comfortable with having a relationship with HIM. GOD cannot be harnessed ass a weapon nor can HE be bribed to do my bidding.

GOD is supreme in HIS plan and I must follow HIM with fear and trembling.

  • Are you taking your relationship with GOD for granted?
  • Do you think HE owes you something for your little service you did last week?
  • Can you stop thinking GOD owes you something and serve HIM without expectation?
  • Will you reach out to HIM today and say “I love YOU LORD” to HIM and leave it at that?

Monday, January 5, 2015

GOD Understands

Job 10:I say to God: Do not declare me guilty,
    but tell me what charges you have against me.
Does it please you to oppress me,
    to spurn the work of your hands,
    while you smile on the plans of the wicked?


In this New Year I begin my journey not blaming GOD.  As I continue in my daily reading, I noticed Job felt beat down and rightfully so. I mean he tried to do everything GOD said to do and he ended up without a family or possessions and sores from the top of his scalp to the soles on his feet. He could not rest.

I have never faced what he faced, yet there have been many times I felt as if GOD were standing over me with a bat, ready to club my head in. My questions would ring out.

  • GOD “Why, oh why hast thou forsaken me?”
  • GOD “Do I have to drink from this cup?”
  • GOD “Do YOU have to turn YOUR back on me?”

Then I realized these were the same questions JESUS asked HIS FATHER. JESUS felt lost and forlorn just like I have at times. HE was misunderstood and slandered by HIS own. Avid church goers decided to kill HIM and follow corrupt people who were in power. It’s apparent GOD wants me to think differently this year.

  • GOD wants me to throw away any bitterness towards HIM and others.
  • GOD wants me to spit out my poisonous words towards HIM and others.
  • GOD wants me to seek HIS kingdom first and all these things will be added to me.

This year GOD wants me to reach out to people and let them know they can always put their trust in HIM.

  • Are you still dragging your poison into this year?
  • Can you let go of the problems you had last year and wipe the slate clean?
  • Will you look to GOD daily instead of looking months down the road?