Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Slow Down to Decide

Psalm 11:4 But the LORD is in HIS Holy temple
                        the LORD still rules from heaven
            HE watches everything closely
                        examining everyone on earth
            5 The LORD examines both the righteous and the wicked
                        HE hates everyone who loves violence


By now I was able to drive myself to work, but I still needed permission to go places. I have no idea how a friend of mine always had a party to go to but nonetheless, I wanted in. This was my opportunity. A person who I was supposed to fill in for at work no longer needed me to fill in. It was Friday night and the shift was from 6PM until 2AM. Let’s see, stay at home with the parents or go to the party with friends and not be seen as a square anymore! What should I have done?

  • When I am impatient I make decisions too quickly that may be detrimental.
  • When I decide in haste I usually regret the quick decision.
  • When I rush into a decision I usually do not think of the consequences.

Sin is part of my humanity. I was born with it and when I make decisions too quickly I can sometimes be fooled by its deadly grip. I then look up and I am in something I can’t get myself out of. How can I avoid this?

  • When I make a decision I should ask GOD for HIS direction.
  • When I make a decision I should allow GOD to say “No” or “Yes.”
  • When I make a decision I should understand that GOD is watching everything closely.

I know GOD understands when I sin. I was born with a deficit to my character and HE knows it. BUT GOD is pleased when I come to HIM first with my plans. HE loves it when I ask HIM first and when I yield to HIS decision. My relationship with GOD should have healthy fear of HIM but also healthy “love” of HIM which seeks HIS advice from time to time.

  • Are you worried and making snap decisions?
  • Can you slow down to listen to what GOD is saying to you?
  • Will you add GOD to your decision and know that HE is pleased with you regardless of the outcome?

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