Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Long Journey

Psalm 74: 12 But God is my King from long ago;
    he brings salvation on the earth.


“Stop” has popped up in my mind many times as I was driving along distracted by life’s events. Each time I obeyed and each time I avoided a catastrophe. What was this voice? Why did I get saved each time?

  • Looking back I see that GOD was there watching over me.
  • Looking back I see that only GOD could have saved me from the things HE saved me from.
  • Looking back I see that GOD was there the entire time protecting me and watching over me.

It’s not just avoided accidents or evaded pitfalls that GOD has guided me through. HE has blessed me beyond my imagination and taken me places I would never have dreamed. So why do I doubt?

  • I doubt when I forget what GOD has done.
  • I doubt when I think I know the answer and GOD has another path.
  • I doubt when I lose my faith by placing faith in something else.

GOD want me to remember all the great things HE has done for me and to think on these things. HE wants me to retract the wonderful salvation HE has done and place HIS power to the forefront of my mind. GOD wants me to remember HIS greatness and continue to look forward to HIS everlasting love.

  • Are you in a place of doubt?
  • Do you think GOD has left you?
  • Can you look back at the times GOD has miraculously saved you?
  • Will you let GOD deliver you HIS way in HIS time?
  • Will you continue to move forward without doubt like you used to?

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