Thursday, June 23, 2016

Coming out of the Trial

Lamentations 4: 22 Your punishment will end, Daughter Zion;
    he will not prolong your exile.
But he will punish your sin, Daughter Edom,
    and expose your wickedness.


Six weeks seemed like forever when they told me about the boot camp. I mean I had to get trained on Saturday’s too! Eight hour working days turned into twelve. It was now week six and there was an extensive test at the end of the week. After taking the exam, I could feel a weight fall from my shoulders. Looking back, six weeks only seems like a day compared to some other trials I have been through.

  • Some trials feel like forever when I am going through them.
  • Some trials seem to drag on and on when I am going through them.
  • Some trials appear to be huge until the trial is ended.

GOD takes me through trials in order to grow me. Sometimes I feel like saying to HIM, “Can’t I just remain an infant?” HE knows exactly what it takes to make me into what HE desires.

  • GOD’s yoke is easy for me as long as I am not trying to run from HIM.
  • GOD’s blessings pour out on me readily and HE heals my wounds during every trial.
  • GOD’s plan for me includes some trials that grow me and makes me stronger.

Going into a trial seems dark and scary. I mean “When will it ever end?” is always on my mind. BUT GOD says to me “I will not prolong your exile.” HE sent HIS COMFORTER to be with me before, during and after the trial. I am never alone.

  • Are you still in a trial?
  • Does it seem like it is going on forever?
  • Can you lift your head up to heaven and thank GOD for growing you to do something spectacular?
  • Will you allow HIM to shape you into a new person?

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