Friday, June 10, 2016

How Long?

Jeremiah 47: “‘Alas, sword of the Lord,
    how long till you rest?
Return to your sheath;
    cease and be still.’
But how can it rest
    when the Lord has commanded it,
when he has ordered it
    to attack Ashkelon and the coast?”


“Are we there yet?” was my first question followed by “how long ‘til we get there?” Staring at the same cornfield seemed agonizing to me as a child but quite peaceful to me now, but that’s another story. When I went to the dentist, he asked “how long has this been hurting?” Another time I sat through a final exam and wondered “how much longer do I have to do this?” On a boring job I had to stop wearing a watch because the day would creep by in an agonizing way.

  • When I am in pain I ask “how long?”
  • When I want something to change I ask “how long?”
  • When I am in a situation that seems to go on forever I ask “how long?”

Honestly, I really don’t want the answer to “how long” sometimes. I mean if the answer is “a few minutes” the question should not be “how long should I hold my hand in the fire?” “How long?” is a question I ask GOD quite often. The real question I am asking HIM is “Can you hurry up and change this situation in my favor?” HIS answer to “how long” may be “decades more” when I want something cured right away.

  • GOD holds onto my future so I do not have to worry about it.
  • GOD repairs my past so I do not have to dwell on it.
  • GOD stays with me in the present so I can be confident in it.

Time is GOD’s. The writer says “A thousand years are but a day to the LORD.” In other words, HE can be extremely patient with me for as long as it takes. The situations I go through enable me to grow and GOD has just the right amount of time to hold me in the fire, to refine me like gold. “How long?” is a valid question but I have learned to answer the question myself with “Thank YOU LORD for bringing me through this like all other situations.”

  • Are you going through something?
  • Does it seem like you have been going through this situation for years?
  • Can you ask GOD the real question “Will YOU change my heart to be YOURS?”
  • Will you add praise to your life daily so you can gain endurance?

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