Thursday, October 27, 2016

Seek Peace

Amos 6: Woe to you who are complacent in Zion,
    and to you who feel secure on Mount Samaria,
you notable men of the foremost nation,
    to whom the people of Israel come!


Ah the “good life.” We discussed food, travel, hotels, cars, wine and cigars. Smiles went on all of our faces as we enjoyed the finest of all that was mentioned.

  • There have been times when I have had the finest the world has offered.
  • There have been times when I sought the best the world could give.
  • There have been times when I sought complacency in “my” accomplishments.

Looking back I noticed something missing from our conversation, namely GOD. We never once thanked GOD for all of the fine things we had in our lives, instead we were too busy planning our next move to acquire more or keep what we had. We had become complacent and GOD abhorred it.

GOD wants me to seek HIS kingdom first which means I need to look around for those HE wants to bring into HIS kingdom. This also means I need to seek “peace” with those around me and especially with HIM.

Seeking peace with GOD is a daily quest. HE sees and knows my sins yet forgives them anyway! Instead of conversations about the indoor bowling alley I should be asking GOD “What would YOU like me to do with all the stuff YOU gave me?” GOD wants me to use each item HE has given to me to further HIS kingdom.

What good is it to be out of debt only to use HIS money for yet another expensive vacation? HE does not mind time off at a fancy place as long as my thoughts and actions are centered around HIS kingdom.  Complacency is NOT peace. Following GOD is peace!

  • What are you seeking?
  • Are you trying to pay bills so you can become complacent?
  • Can you seek GOD’s kingdom so HE will guide you with your wealth?
  • Will you ask GOD for purpose so HE will give you peace?

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