Monday, October 24, 2016

Speak when spoken to

Amos 3: Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing
    without revealing his plan
    to his servants the prophets.
The lion has roared—
    who will not fear?
The Sovereign Lord has spoken—
    who can but prophesy?


“What will people think of me?” was my thought as I moved up the ladder. I mean I have to show how accepting I am of various beliefs because “my” department was very diverse in culture. I chose not to speak about GOD or my beliefs in HIS ways. When asked to speak about GOD to the masses, I politely refused.

  • There have been times I have hidden my association with GOD.
  • There have been times I have remained silent when I was told to speak.
  • There have been times I have hidden my values so I could “get ahead.”

My choice was to remain neutral while becoming “tough” enough to carry out the orders of leadership. Soon instead of names, the people were “full time equivalents” on a spreadsheet and could be cut if the numbers were not as they should. BUT GOD wants me to act different.

  • GOD wants me to put in a full day’s work as promised to those who hired me.
  • GOD wants me to show HIS grace through my hard work because I am working for HIM.
  • GOD wants me to speak about HIM at a moment’s notice without being ashamed.

Employers do not hire me to spread GOD’s word, but they also should know I am not ashamed of GOD in any way. I will always work hard and produce the best, but if asked, I will not hide my light from anyone. GOD is my beacon and when the Lion roars I must prophesy.

  • Are you hiding your relationship with GOD because of your position?
  • Do you feel ashamed of GOD in front of “those” people?
  • Can you drop your shame of HIM and listen to what HE wants you to say to “those” people?
  • Will you open your mouth when GOD tells you to do so?

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