Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Supremacy Looks Strange

Micah 1: 15 I will bring a conqueror against you
    who live in Mareshah.
The nobles of Israel
    will flee to Adullam.
16 Shave your head in mourning
    for the children in whom you delight;
make yourself as bald as the vulture,
    for they will go from you into exile.


Little ball bearings were given to us to put into our gauge that listed how high the stock was climbing. After celebration number five I went back to my room for some rest. I got an emergency call in the middle of the night that all leaders need to meet immediately. The CEO was pronounced dead and everyone at the convention was shocked.

  • There have been times when things seemed right and they were wrong.
  • There were times when it looked like smooth sailing and the wind went out of the sails.
  • There have been times when I thought everything would be great and then the rug got pulled out from under me.

“What will we do?” we all thought. Fortunately for us, the number two guy was just as good and was being groomed for the new position. I felt pretty good because he knew me. About a month or two into his service he was diagnosed with cancer and died within six months. What shall we do now?

  • GOD says to me “Place your trust only in ME.”
  • GOD says to me “I AM the way the truth and the life.”
  • GOD says to me “Do not place any gods before ME.”

My excitement was short lived. I thought “With this new leader I can finally get ahead and help others.”  GOD had other plans. HE wanted me to understand that HE is the supreme leader and that I need to focus on HIM more and more. GOD raises up all kinds of people, BUT HE wants me to always keep my eyes on HIM.

  • Are you putting your trust in someone?
  • Did the trust you placed in a person not quite pan out?
  • Will you stop looking at humans and start placing your trust in GOD who is ultimate and supreme?

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