Friday, July 10, 2015

Idolizing Someone

Psalm 97:  All who worship images are put to shame,
    those who boast in idols—
    worship him, all you gods!


Star-struck was never my style. I mean I felt so far away from being a celebrity that I could never get used to the thought of knowing everything about them. “Those pitiful people” was my thought of those who follow this crowd. Then someone in my industry created some apps that were used on almost every computer in the world! I thought to myself “Wow, if I could just meet that person!”

  • Worshipping people takes my eyes off of what I should pay attention to.
  • Worshipping people makes me think that “levels” exist.
  • Worshipping people adds jealousy to my demeanor.

Looking at all of the glitz and glamour of these celebrities was somewhat distracting. I mean reading about their lives, watching them on videos and hearing them on broadcasts was a lot to consume. I soon found myself climbing higher and higher in my industry and further and further away from treating GOD in the way HE should.

  • GOD wants me to treat HIM as the only celebrity.
  • GOD wants me to treat every human the same, with respect and humility.
  • GOD wants me to elevate HIS status to worship status, drinking every word said about HIM daily!

If I put even a tenth of the time into worshipping GOD as I do human idols, I would understand HIM so much more. HE is so misunderstood because I am looking at the examples of human idols who sometimes do not proclaim GOD. Worship means I want to be like the recipient of my worship. GOD wants me to “want” to be like HIM. HIS love and compassion should be something I can only strive for.

I do not mean I should be prideful saying “I will be like the MOST HIGH”, see where that got Satan. I believe I should watch GOD’s examples and focus in on HIS training HE takes me through to be more like HIM. I will praise and worship HIM daily!

  • Are you jealous?
  • Do you follow celebrities?
  • Can you place some of your admiration for them into GOD?
  • Will you credit HIM for how HE dishes out talent to others as well as yourself?

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