Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Trade Mad into Glad - Quickly!

Psalm 95:Come, let us bow down in worship,
    let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;
for he is our God
    and we are the people of his pasture,
    the flock under his care.
Today, if only you would hear his voice,
“Do not harden your hearts as you did at Meribah,
    as you did that day at Massah in the wilderness,
where your ancestors tested me;
    they tried me, though they had seen what I did.


Uttering the words “I will not serve YOU” were probably the worse things I have said to GOD. I have no idea what I wanted at the time because it was so many years ago, or was it?

  • When I get too tired of my situation that I cannot even pray, then I may be trying too hard.
  • When I get too tired to go and assemble with others to worship, then I may be trying too hard.
  • When I get too tired or problems that I cannot praise GOD any longer, then I may be trying too hard.

GOD recognizes my motives from their deepest beginnings. HE sees my inner most thoughts and knows exactly what I can handle and what I cannot. GOD wants me to see HIM very differently.

  • GOD wants me to bow down and worship HIM every chance I can.
  • GOD wants me to recognize that I am HIS first, this means HE has the right to do with my life as HE pleases.
  • GOD wants me to hear HIS voice without a hard heart, this means through calamity or blessings I will praise HIM.

GOD is absolutely amazing! HE speaks to me daily and it is up to me to hear HIM and not stir up HIS anger. Forgiven is what I am, but I carefully tread around GOD in fear of HIM. GOD is not common and should not be treated as such. HE is GOD before HE is a pal. I praise GOD!

  • Are you mad at GOD for placing you in the situation you are in?
  • Can you assess where your heart is in relation to where HE wants your heart to be?
  • Will you not harden your heart to GOD’s plan today and learn to truthfully praise HIM in the middle of calamity?

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