Thursday, December 10, 2015

Get Up!

Broken dreams, broken hearts, broken finances and broken limbs have been reported to me over the past year. As I sat with the LORD this morning, I realized that the attack is on and we have not armed ourselves for a battle.

Today please take a pledge to do the following:

1. Ask GOD to have you stop focusing on the problem and to move your eyes to the solution (HIM).
2. Act with the passion of your youth before your got hit in the face.
3. Stop trying to fix and allow GOD to fix you first.
4. Say NO to being tired and GET UP!

GOD is all powerful and HE invites you into HIS home. HE made you and of course you are being attacked by the enemy who is jealous of your relationship with HIM. Stop focusing on what is wrong and exclaim what is right today!

  • Pray with someone today and you will feel a release of the thing that is holding you back.
  • Tell someone about GOD today and you will see the blinders fall from your eyes.
  • Believe again and you will see the deliverance of GOD.

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