Friday, May 6, 2016

Being Restored

Jeremiah 27: 21 yes, this is what the Lord Almighty, the God of Israel, says about the things that are left in the house of the Lord and in the palace of the king of Judah and in Jerusalem: 22 ‘They will be taken to Babylon and there they will remain until the day I come for them,’ declares the Lord. ‘Then I will bring them back and restore them to this place.’”


GOD must have truly been upset with HIS people at the time. I mean HE said “I will give the world to who I wish and I am giving it to your captors.” HE banished the entire nation and allowed them to live in captivity. HE even said “You must obey your captors or I will destroy you.” I pondered, why did they have to go through this?

  • GOD cannot go back on HIS word.
  • GOD said there would be consequences for following other gods.
  • GOD does everything HE says HE will do.

I could not think of an extreme example in which I felt “banished” but I do understand the need to be restored. When I choose to sin deliberately I step further and further away from following GOD. Soon I am in isolation that only HE can fix. I crave for HIS warmth and blessing.

  • GOD says to me “I will restore you.”
  • GOD says to me “I AM coming back for you.”
  • GOD says to me “I stand at the door of your heart and knock.”

Restoration is what GOD seeks to do daily. HE opens HIS arms wide and allows me to return and HE always welcomes me back. HE wipes away my tears, cleans me up and sits me down at a feast. HE fully restores my soul.

  • Do you need restoration?
  • Are you banished?
  • Can you ask GOD to allow you to return on HIS terms?

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