Monday, June 13, 2016

When Anger Flares

Jeremiah 48: 46 Woe to you, Moab!
    The people of Chemosh are destroyed;
your sons are taken into exile
    and your daughters into captivity.
47 “Yet I will restore the fortunes of Moab
    in days to come,”
declares the Lord.
Here ends the judgment on Moab.


Childishly I lied about my age. I mean what was I supposed to do when the “experienced” people kept ranting about their importance and I was just starting out? Childishly I lied about my whereabouts at work by saying “I don’t know.” I mean what was I supposed to say when the janitorial supervisor was hounding me? Childishly I lied about my grades. I mean this was the only company looking at me at the time and it was the middle of the semester. They would never know.

  • Immaturity breeds my insecurity.
  • Immaturity increases my immediacy to sin.
  • Immaturity makes me place a higher value on self rather than the truth.

One day I heard someone say the statement “Why did I just lie?” The person also said “What do I have to gain by this lie?” They were joking but I realized I was lying to others and myself. I also realized that GOD was not pleased with my actions and it seemed like everything was going wrong. It seemed like GOD’s anger was getting hotter and hotter at the way I was acting. I felt guilty all the time. BUT GOD was different.

  • GOD was merciful to me and brought to my attention the sin I was doing against HIM and others.
  • GOD was graceful to me and pardoned me of my sins while I was still committing them.
  • GOD was loving to me and allowed me to face the consequences of my sins, yet restored me fully, enabling me to reach heights I never would have dreamt of.

Moab to me is like my sin. I mean it was a place that probably started off innocent but one sin after another got them to a place where GOD was full of anger. I felt the same way. I was headed in the wrong direction. One thing about being a child of GOD is HIS anger brings chastening, but it does not last forever.

HE wants me to recognize HIS power and love at the same time. HE does not want me to continue down a destructive path, yet HE understands that only HE alone can save me because I may not always make the best decision. GOD saved me because of HIS character, not mine.

  • Are you acting immature?
  • Have you given up on GOD and are headed down a path of destruction?
  • Will you ask GOD to place you back on HIS path?
  • Are you willing to give up the lie and start over with a firm foundation?

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