Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sunny Warm Days

Malachi 4: But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves.


Wet and cold were my toes from snow engulfing my boots. Dark was the day and it seemed like the word dismal was the only description for life at that time. As I stood waiting on the bus, a snowplow drove by and sloshed its slush on my cold feet.

  • Sometimes it seemed like the sun would never shine again.
  • Sometimes my mood felt like a cloud of grey.
  • Sometimes multiple difficult situations made me think everything was wrong.

When new dirty slush hit my frozen toes I had reached my final straw. I officially declared that particular day the worse day of my life at the time. Nothing would cheer me up and I was ready to be grumpy, but lo and behold I saw the familiar lights of the bus shining in the darkness. My heart was filled with relief as the driver pulled directly in front of me for a change.

  • GOD provides me with the sun of righteousness.
  • GOD provides me with the warmth of HIS love.
  • GOD provides me with the rays of HIS healing power.

I sat in a warm spot and noticed an extra bonus. Somehow I had even more heat than normal blowing towards me as I sat near the tire well. The bus was very old. I removed my boot and socks, emptied the excess water placed my socks and toes next to the vent. Such great relief! I got off the bus with warm toes and dry socks. Maybe the day wasn’t so bad after all, I thought.

  • Have you reached your limit?
  • Do you think the day is filled with nothing but grey clouds?
  • Can you see GOD’s healing sunshine even when it is cloudy?
  • Will you learn to take GOD’s warmth to people instead of cold bitter words?

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