Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taking Time to Ponder

Job 25:“Dominion and awe belong to God;
    he establishes order in the heights of heaven.
Can his forces be numbered?
    On whom does his light not rise?


Sitting on my couch “worried” I wondered if I passed my final exam. Sitting in my apartment “worried” I wondered if I got the job. Sitting in my apartment “worried” I wondered if I got another job to move back. Sitting in my house “worried” I wondered if I could ever please this boss or the next one or those to follow.  Wow, I spent a lot of time worrying!

  • Worrying takes me away from peace.
  • Worrying distracts me so much that I cannot see blessings.
  • Worrying puts me in a ball and I cannot move forward on anything.

It’s quite amazing how distracting worry is. I mean when I try to stop worrying. I worry that I’m worrying too much! What should I do?

  • GOD said “Do not worry, do not be afraid.”
  • GOD said “I will be with you always.”
  • GOD said “Tell them I AM.”

I had to quiet my mind from all the worry and look at who GOD is. As I stared out the window I saw a deer slowly tromp into my yard, then another, then another. Soon several deer were standing there; one began kicking up the snow and sat down. I kept looking and seven or eight were sitting. I was amazed at the sight. Then I realized, if I could just slow down and look I could see GOD every day.

Slowing down helps me see and hear GOD. HE shows HIMSELF to me daily.

  • Are you looking for GOD?
  • Do you think HE is far away from you right now?
  • Can you look around and see HIM where you are right now?
  • Can you ponder the intricacies of how HE made you and your surroundings and the heavens above?
  • Won’t you add “awe” back into your relationship with GOD?

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