Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Listening to the Cry for Help

Job 35:“People cry out under a load of oppression;
    they plead for relief from the arm of the powerful.


Bonus this particular year was a little light. I had made plans for that money and it just didn’t materialize. Then I got a request from someone asking to borrow money. “Can’t they just get a job?” was my thought. I pouted and reluctantly handed over the funds. Within days, another person asked for money! “What am I… a bank?”

  • Sometimes I blame the oppressed for being oppressed.
  • Sometimes I look at the oppressed as the problem.
  • Sometimes I think the oppressed could do more for themselves so I would not have to be bothered.

People cry out in different ways and I do understand that I have to be cautious about the schemer. But it seems like there were times where I put my plans over people. What does GOD want from me?

  • GOD wants me to seek the lost rather than waiting for them to come to me.
  • GOD wants me to be generous to those who HE delivers into my life.
  • GOD wants me to add flexibility to my plans so that I can move in the direction HE leads me.

When people cry out for help, I still must use discernment, but have a heart that is willing to make sacrifices rather than stockpile riches. Money is not meant for total comfort, that breeds greed, fear and protection of wealth. Money meets needs and as my cup runs over so should those who are oppressed. I should always expect GOD to deliver people to me who are in need because HE said, “The poor you will always have.”

  • Are you listening to the cry of people?
  • Are your ears deafened by your own fears and debts?
  • Are you busy looking at what others are doing and not being generous?
  • Why are you waiting on giving?

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