Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Simple Praise takes Awareness

Psalm 52:But I am like an olive tree
    flourishing in the house of God;
I trust in God’s unfailing love
    for ever and ever.
For what you have done I will always praise you
    in the presence of your faithful people.
And I will hope in your name,
    for your name is good.


“Something” made me desire to plant an avocado tree in my house from an avocado pit. I followed the instructions meticulously. It took weeks for the first sprouts to appear and in about three months I had a twiggy looking plant. Not quite the plant I had hoped for. I nurtured it over the winter and it survived but only produced a few leaves.

I sat the plant outside in the summer. The very first day a huge thunderstorm came through. I watched the poor little twig blow around in the gale. The next day searing heat seemed to bake the pit from which the twig protruded. I stopped looking. It seemed harsh. Weeks later I noticed the plant had huge leaves and more on the way.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to see why I am in the storm.
  • Sometimes it seems like I barely growing and the wind is beating me up.
  • Sometimes I feel like the searing heat of life is burning too much.

“For what you have done” are the words that caught my attention. This requires that I remember the things GOD has done which necessitates that I notice what GOD is doing. The difficult times are not there to break me because of my horrible failure of being human rather they are there to grow me. Each tempest that comes against me strengthens my weak dexterity. 
  • GOD wants me to know HE loves me so HE takes me through the storm rather than around it.
  • GOD knows exactly what it takes to grow me so HE places me in the position to squirm.
  • GOD sends searing heat to burn off the things that are childish and the items that don’t belong.

It will take ten years for my avocado tree to reach maturity, but I notice the tree is flourishing. Only GOD can grow a tree. Only GOD can grow me. I will remember to praise GOD for the things HE is “doing” because I now notice them.

  • Do you see GOD daily?
  • Can you recognize that GOD is growing you because you asked to be taken to the next level?
  • Will you let GOD blow the winds of life against you to mature you and bless you?
  • Will you sing praise to GOD for choosing to grow you, HIS way?

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