Friday, September 18, 2015

Rescue is Only a Question Away

Psalm 144: 10 to the One who gives victory to kings,
    who delivers his servant David.
From the deadly sword 11 deliver me;
    rescue me from the hands of foreigners
whose mouths are full of lies,
    whose right hands are deceitful.
12 Then our sons in their youth
    will be like well-nurtured plants,
and our daughters will be like pillars
    carved to adorn a palace.
13 Our barns will be filled
    with every kind of provision.
Our sheep will increase by thousands,
    by tens of thousands in our fields;
14     our oxen will draw heavy loads.
There will be no breaching of walls,
    no going into captivity,
    no cry of distress in our streets.
15 Blessed is the people of whom this is true;

    blessed is the people whose God is the Lord.


David was fleeing for his life and a few times this was true for me. From being chased by bullies, thugs and gang members, running became a solution of necessity. As an adult I remember running from other bullies in companies, creditors and collection agencies. Fear filled my bones, BUT GOD was always there.

  • GOD tells me “Stand still and watch the salvation of the LORD.”
  • GOD says to me “I AM the only path to deliverance.”
  • GOD whispers to me “I AM the gate; no one gets into the kingdom but by ME.”

The LORD is truly my shepherd, I shall not want. HE gives me peace and restores me even when I don’t deserve it. I am excited that I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever!

  • Can you place your full trust in GOD today?
  • Will you stand still and watch the deliverance of the LORD?
  • Can you be honest with GOD and let HIM know your needs without stating them in anger?
  • Will you let GOD be your LORD today?

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