Monday, October 26, 2015

Taking the test

Proverbs 17: The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold,
    but the Lord tests the heart.


Looking at the other students take their test was all I could do as I did not know many of the answers. I sat there perplexed, staring at the paper. “LORD, please bring something to mind” I desperately asked. Nothing came. I handed in my test and slumped away from the class. To my surprise I got a “D” instead of failing. The entire situation felt pitiful.

  • Sometimes I look at tests wrong.
  • Sometimes I think tests are awful.
  • Sometimes I feel tests are not my thing.

When I hear the word “test” I still cringe to this day. I mean I do not like tests because they do not seem like they are in my favor. It seems like all the information flies out of my  mind and I can’t recall whatever I need at that time only. Doe GOD treat me that way when HE “tests” my heart? NO!

  • GOD’s test for me is refining like silver in a crucible.
  • GOD’s test for me is refining like gold in a furnace.
  • GOD’s test for me is refining through situations and circumstances.

A heart full of sin is GOD’s specialty. HE takes my heart through the fiery furnace of life, allowing it to feel the heat so the things that don’t belong can melt away. GOD takes away the things that distract me from HIM and leaves me in that furnace until my heart is fully refined. HE burns away fear, doubt, lust, envy, anger and replaces it with love, joy, peace, humility, kindness, grace, mercy and forgiveness.

I have to admit, I don’t like the process of having to go through the fire, but I love the results that only GOD can bring.

  • Are you in the fire?
  • Do you want to get out of the fire before you are fully refined?
  • Will you let GOD take you entirely through the situation?

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