Friday, June 26, 2015

A Strong Place

Psalm 87: Indeed, of Zion it will be said,
    “This one and that one were born in her,
    and the Most High himself will establish her.”
The Lord will write in the register of the peoples:
    “This one was born in Zion.”


Blankets were my outer walls and pillows acted as the inner to my “strong” fortress.  It was exciting to build my fort on the bunk bed I lived in. I felt secure as I grabbed my homemade stuffed animal. As one could tell, the only thing my fort would keep out was my imagination.

  • Sometimes I build things on earth to feel secure.
  • Sometimes I build things on earth to feel like I am in control.
  • Sometimes I build things on earth to feel safe, comfortable, and peaceful.

Retreating to places became my thing. I mean after a long day at school, I wanted to retreat to my home. After a long day at work I wanted to retreat to my apartment then, later in life, my home. These places felt safe but every once in a while a tornado, flood or some other form of nature would blow against my retreat and threaten my security. GOD wanted more.

  • GOD wants me to look at HIM as my retreat.
  • GOD wants me to see HIM as the answer, not the problem.
  • GOD wants me to seek HIM for comfort, safety and peace.

With GOD as my refuge, there is total peace. HE gives security far greater than the fortress David captured in Zion. GOD’s throne alone is lifted high up and HE says to me “take your eyes off of earthly fortresses and look towards MY strong place. “I will never leave you or forsake you” are HIS words of comfort to me. HE wrote my name in the Lamb’s Book of Life and I am eternally grateful!

  • Where do you find solace?
  • Do you seek vacations as your way to retreat?
  • Can you retreat with GOD on a daily basis no matter what you are going through?
  • Will you let the HOLY SPIRIT comfort you?

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