Thursday, June 25, 2015

Admiration Focused in the Right Direction

Psalm 85: 10 Love and faithfulness meet together;
    righteousness and peace kiss each other.
11 Faithfulness springs forth from the earth,
    and righteousness looks down from heaven.
12 The Lord will indeed give what is good,
    and our land will yield its harvest.
13 Righteousness goes before him
    and prepares the way for his steps.


It probably started at a very young age. People seemed to gravitate towards a crowd and I was on the sidelines wanting to be included. I saw the group of notables in high school and thought how cool it would be to fit into the crowd. It didn’t happen. In college I wanted to fit in and this time I got a little closer but then I graduated. In business the “in crowd” required that I admire some people who wore their lusts on their sleeve. What would it hurt to pursue just a little sin?

  • Sometimes I’m blinded by the crowd rather than seeing where I am.
  • Sometimes I want to go on the wide road where everyone else “seems” to be having fun.
  • Sometimes I desire to be like the “in crowd” no matter what they are doing or saying.

Separation from sinners is not what I’m saying because I would have to separate from myself. What I am saying is, it is already tough enough to battle my own sins let alone following someone into theirs. Being blinded by the in crowd can make me desire to be like them, no matter what the cost. BUT GOD wants my admiration.

  • GOD wants me to notice HIS unending love for me rather than looking at what others have.
  • GOD wants me to see HIS never ending faithfulness HE has towards me rather than thinking HE isn’t blessing me.
  • GOD wants me to observe HIS righteousness so I can never become haughty and think I can ever be righteous enough to judge someone.

Love, faithfulness and righteousness are qualities to admire in GOD. When I complain about what HE is doing or not doing I cannot see these wonderful attributes HE wants to show me on a daily basis. HE pours out HIS love on me daily. HE is faithful and just to cleanse me of my unrighteousness because HIS steps are prepared in righteousness.

  • Are you envious of someone?
  • Do you think you would like to fit in with the crowd who could care less about GOD?
  • Will you focus your attention on the wonderful attributes of GOD instead of complaining?
  • Will you tell people of HIS greatness today?

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