Thursday, April 27, 2017

Planted or Pit

Matthew 15: 12 Then the disciples came to him and asked, “Do you know that the Pharisees were offended when they heard this?”

13 He replied, “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. 14 Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”


Without reading the Bible, I began to teach Sunday school. I was a corporate instructor at the time, so this could not be as hard. I picked up the lesson and began to wing it. They ate it up. This was easy!

  • When I want to be noticed, I am blind and headed for the pit.
  • When I think I can “wing it” with GOD, I am blind and headed for the pit.
  • When I do not even believe in the words I say or teach about GOD; I am blind and headed for the pit.

I began to pick and choose what I taught in order to get rich discussion going. I stayed away from all the “boring” parts of the Bible and away from the sections that may be offensive. Soon, I was only saying what people wanted to hear. BUT GOD wanted something different.

  • GOD wants me to walk with HIM instead of walking with the crowd.
  • GOD wants me to believe in all of HIS word, not just the easy parts.
  • GOD wants me to teach from studying HIM versus “winging it.”

Living for GOD means I do not point at myself. It means I have to say what is in the Bible, not what’s on my mind. GOD wants my eyes wide open to HIS teaching so I can lead others to HIM.

  • Are you trying to steer away from some of the more difficult teaching of GOD?
  • Do you teach about things people want to hear?
  • Can you stop following the crowd and start teaching what GOD says to teach?
  • Will you allow yourself to be planted by GOD?

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